How it works


In order to prepare for our rigorous 45 minute interval classes. You'll want to fuel up in 2 ways before arrival. Hydration - Make sure that you have had enough fluids before you start running. If you're thirsty during class it's already too late! Nutrients - Working on an empty stomach leaves both you and your belly grumbling. Make sure to have a small snack about 30 - 60 minutes before you start running.


Feeling your best while you are running often comes from having the proper gear. Wearing quality running shoes to train is highly recommended, if you have questions about specific shoes all of our instructors are able to give guidance. Above the ankle line it's really up to you for whatever makes you most comfortable while working out. Remember it gets hot in the studio with treadmills rolling, tank tops, shorts, or fitted pants are your best bet.



If this is your first class we highly recommend arriving 15 minutes early. You will need time to sign the athlete waiver and also to simply get acquainted with the studio layout. If you've been to class before we still recommend getting to class 10 minutes early to sign in, stash you're belongings, and find your treadmill. Starting your workout as relaxed as possible is an easy way to maximize benefit.

Signing In

You've already signed up on-line and your treadmill is waiting for you! Initial next to your name on the class sign-in sheet and lay claim to your treadmill. If no one has claimed a treadmill within 3 minutes before class we will release the spot out those on the wait list.

Lockers & Showers

Feel free to bring clothes to change into after you're done! We have lockers for you to stash your goods while you run and private showers for you to use after class.

the treadmills



Setting up your treadmill station for class couldn't be simpler. A towel will be waiting for you and there are water bottle holders for your water. During the 45 minutes we will adjust the pace and incline of the belt depending on the workout.


Thoroughbred's classes are high intensity and we want you to bring your best self!

With that said, we all have to start somewhere so if you are concerned about participating in a vigorous workout please consult a doctor before your first class. For those of you who are already highly motivated we only suggest that you stay in tune with your body. Our Thoroughbred instructors offer a high octane and encouraging experience to try and get the most out of you that they can. It's important for you to take cues from how you're feeling in regards of how much to push and when. Always a good idea to use some of those 10 extra minutes before class to check out your treadmill and make sure everything looks solid before you start running. Have water with you and do not hesitate to reach out to any of our staff with concerns.


Jake Schmitt

From as early as Jake can remember, he has been a runner.  Whether it was chasing the high schoolers around the track as a toddler or racing in a uniform of his own, running has brought Jake pure joy.  Running has taken Jake around the world during his competitive years; but Marin has always been the consistent source of inspiration.  Marin has been the backdrop of Jake's running career throughout his entire life and he cannot be more thrilled to begin this new running adventure here in his hometown with his mom.

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Laura Schmitt

Laura loves running and the gifts that it has given and continues to give. It started when she met her husband, Tom, at a Marin County high school track meet in 1980. From their first date, a long run on Mt. Tam, to their four years together on the Cal cross country and track & field team they share their love of the sport. Together they've raised three beautiful kids, all runners and significant contributors to Thoroughbred. Running, coaching, and teaching has been her focus for the past 30+ years. Laura is beyond thrilled that what started as a dream for her and her son Jake - is now a reality. Laura and Jake get to share their joy of running with their community every day!

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Caitlin Schmitt

Running has been part of Caitlin’s life for as long as she can remember, whether it be watching her parents leave for their Sunday long run, traveling the country watching her brother compete at the highest level, or waking up with her family for a road race.  Caitlin was given the opportunity to continue her journey and passion of running at UCLA where she became known as ‘the girl who is always running.’  Caitlin believes in the long run, the journey, the process.

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Ashley Relf

Running has allowed Ashley the opportunity to grow her 'whole self', for which she will be forever grateful.  It's her goal to share running and the purpose it gives her with as many people in our community as possible.  She believes that running requires a powerful combination of both the physical and mental aspects of performance and appreciates the rigors of training required to reach higher levels of performance.  It's her firm belief that beyond the physical effort, the psychological challenges of working through the demands of competition bring us all to new heights.

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Clara Peterson

Clara (Horowitz) Peterson- identifies first and foremost as a mama of four kids here in Marin, but is without a doubt an incredible athlete! Her resume includes California HS state champion, 5 X all-American at Duke University in cross-county and track, 2:35 marathon at Olympic trials, needless to say Clara can run FAST.  Recently however, Clara has fallen in love with coaching and helping other runners meet their own goals! Clara still competes competitively in addition to teaching classes (and taking classes) at Thoroughbred!

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Meagan Schmitt

Growing up in a family of runners didn't keep Meagan away from the volleyball court.  Her successes in the gym brought her from 6th grade middle school courts to center stage in the 2010 NCAA Volleyball Finals against Penn St.  She has seen the highest levels of sport and has always valued the strength and fitness running has given her along the way.  Whether she is out on the court, ankle deep in the sand, or running on our treadmills she brings a consistent intensity that will motivate and inspire anyone!

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A Mom & Son Story

Since the very beginning, Laura and Jake have had an undeniably close relationship.  It has been through running that the definition of “Mom & Son” has been able to evolve into “Coach & Athlete,” “Teammates,” “Head & Assistant Coach,” “Co-workers,” and ultimately now, “Co-founders.”  To them, running is far beyond an avenue for fitness, it is a lifestyle.  It has always been the spirit of “the run” that has played an integral part in their lives.  Whether it was Jake running around the track as a toddler while Laura was coaching or Laura, Jake, and their entire family meeting for a run and breakfast – “the run” has been the background theme.

As Mom and son they have always pushed each other to go faster, be better, and do a little more.  As a result of that constant encouragement they have been blessed with so much happiness and success towards bettering “the run” for themselves and others they have coached.  Thoroughbred Treadmill Studio is the result of both Laura and Jake realizing their goal to share what the spirit of “the run” can do – with as many people as possible.

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Thoroughbred Training Center is for individuals to train together towards your best self

To aspire to this level takes a commitment to living and being “thorough.” Individuals who live complete, rich, lives consistently rise to the top of their respective arenas. When you commit yourself to one challenge, 100%, it bleeds over into the rest of your life. It is the mission of Thoroughbred Training Center to teach this complete investment towards a challenge through a commitment to bettering “the run.” Thoroughbred Training Center and our coaching staff are here to direct and aid you along your journey towards excellence. Years of national class experience between the coaches foster a conducive learning environment for beginners – young and old – to the most advanced and skilled competitive racers. Above all else, it is Thoroughbred Training Center’s imperative to share our love and joy of “the run” – no matter the pace.


600 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA

Located at the base of Mt. Tamalpais, Thoroughbred Training Center sits under the perfect backdrop for inspiration. With the hum of a room full of your classmates pushing next to you and the mountain watching over, you are bound to exceed your own limitations. Running can be difficult, but when you arrive to class all these elements are geared towards making your experience as effortless as possible. #runthorough